Quick Note on Recursion

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Example in PHP using the factorial:

// $n must be a positive integer or 0 - function returns 1 for 0 and all errors
function factorial($n)

  if ($n > 0 && is_int($n))

    // factorial of positive integer

    return $n * factorial($n - 1);

  } else

    // factorial of 0

    return 1;



There are many other blog posts that cover this topic well. Some include:

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Here is a little snippet of a C++ function that will ask for user input and make sure it is a float. If it's not a float, the functions recurses (is that a word?)... calls itself. The end effect is that the user is asked to enter a float until they do. You must include both iostream and limits.

float collectFloat()

  float user_input(0.0);


    // Could also use cin.fail() to check for success

    if (cin >> user_input) cinIgnoreRest();

      throw (string("\nNot a float entered.\n Please enter a number.\n"));

  catch (string error)

    cout << error << "==> ";



    // This will keep repeating until user enters a float

    user_input = collectFloat();

    return user_input;