Not much help, but there is truth in advertising

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I got an email saying that lost laptops are recovered 3% of the time. The email promised to increase the chances of recovery by 80 whole percents! Well, at least there is still truth in advertising?

So that would be:

0.03 + (0.03 * 0.80) = 5.4%

So, 5.4% recovery.

In other words, increasing the chances of recovery of your laptop by 80% from 3% means you'll get your laptop back 5.4% of the time.... superb....

FBI statistics state that once your laptop is gone, there is a 3% chance of recovery. Increase those odds by
installing Front Door Software today; a system designed to help you recover your laptop as soon as someone turns it
on. After installing FrontDoorSoftware on your laptop by visiting  [A URL], you can sign in and control your
program. Here you can customize your security options which include sending a message to your monitor and creating a
lockdown code to protect your information. This program turns your monitor into an ownership tag and statistics show
simply displaying who owns the laptop increases chances of recovery by 80%.

Note: Looking at their homepage, there are some seemingly conflicting numbers, but this may reflect unclear references to  recovery numbers for lost laptops versus stolen laptops.