A recursive PHP function to turn digits into words

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Warning: This is a big spoiler for Project Euler Problem 17, so if you're still working on it, don't keep reading!

I quickly mentioned recursion in my previous post. Turning digits into letters is clearly another example for which recursion is useful. Think about a number like 524. If you know that 4 = "four", 5 = "five",  and that 20 = "twenty" then all you have to do, to turn 524 into words,  is run your script on 5, add "hundred," run your script on 20, and run your script on 4, and if you write your script well, then you can do this using recursion.

Take a look at a working example of the function I wrote to do just this with PHP.

Take a look at my solution to Project Euler Problem 17 SPOILER ALERT