A few code snippets.

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I often write very short, very simply little code snippets just to test specific things in HTML, CSS, PHP, or Javascript (and jQuery).  These are short little blurbs, that are useful for looking at how certain specific things work. They are mostly notes to self.

Here are links to a few of them:

Short Code Snippets:
CSS Change image on hover.
CSS Creating large clickable areas.
CSS Images sprites example - External CSS is here - Sprite is here
DOM Checking how many elements in an ID.
Javascript Basketball animation
jQuery Return ID of clicked LI
jQuery Sliding, fading, and disappearing
jQuery Not this array element
jQuery Using toggle()
jQuery A simple infinite image slider
PHP Algorithm A linear linked list
PHP Recursion Turning digits into words
PHP JSON CSS Retrieving and displaying information from Delicious
Simple Apps:
jQuery PHP Guessing game using Stackapps and Stackoverflow data
jQuery PHP Dynamic Syntax Highlighting